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Applied online for service for two lines. Charged for Two phones @ 29.95 each plus tax. No mention of a deposit being required. Received an email order confirmation, everything good to go, expect my phones ups in one to three days.

Received an email from Jodie Bishop-Riggs saying she needed to confirm my social for the credit application. Called the 866-427-8858 number and spoke with someone in customer service about the request to make sure it was legitimate. Rep asked me for my order number only, NOT MY SOCIAL,and informed me a deposit would be required in order to receive my phones.

And they also put a hold on my debit card for the amount of the phones until they received the deposit. But Not Once, Never Ever In the Order Confirmation, is a deposit ever mentioned.

Anyone wishing to view the emails may write me at

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-- Ntelos is a piece of shh anyway.. I'm not feeling it. I'm ready to switch now :x


@CAllen. Shut up.

You have no knowledge of my personal finances or my credit rating. Stop reguritating the same *** everyone else is peddling before someone educates you on reality.

My credit score isn't so bad I can't afford a home, a new automobile, or an rv. A cell phoneis definately below those thresholds, or would you DARE to dispute me on that point as well?


This post is not a reflection on NTelos....a reflection on a poor credit score. For those who have poor credit.....deposits are normal practice because those who don't pay their bills are a BIG financial risk for companies who have to foot the majority of the device cost up front.

Raise your credit score by paying your bills on time and you won't be required to pay a deposit. And know if your credit score this shouldn't be a big suprise....

Osgood, Indiana, United States #344838


My name is Ashley and I am a customer care representative from Ntelos. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

If a deposit is required for a contract our sales team does contact you in regards to that. You should receive a letter within 2 weeks explaining why a deposit was required. We also have our Frawg (prepaid) service if you would be interested in that.

$45 a month unlimited talk, text, and web. Please contact us at 1-877-468-3567 if we can be of further assistance.

to Ashley Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States #637029

@ ashley-- how come I pay $55 for unlimites talk, text, & web?? Did the rate increase at the beginning of 2013 or does the 45$ charge vary according to my location?

Thanks for any correspondence! ;) 8)

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