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I needed to pay my cellphone bill. I logged into my account by using my cellphone itself.

I put my payment (bank) information in to the phone and at the end of the process it stated that the payment could not be processed. I attempted it again, thinking I made a mistake, but got the same message. I then called in my payement, went through the payment process, got a confirmation number and hung up. The next morning, as a routine, I checked my bank account to find out the NTELOS payment was taken twice from my checking account.

I contacted NTelos and was initially was told it takes 3 to 4 days to get the money back. Two days later, I contacted them again as a follow-up and was told I need to fax them a copy of my bank statement showing that the payments had actually cleared my bank and then my refund would be process. I provided a copy of my bank statement. I followed-up again.

I was told that everything was done and refund was on the way. I expected the money to go back into my account, so in checking my account...a day after I could reasonable expect the refund, there was still no refund. In my last call to NTELOS, they stated that they would mail a paper check to me in 2 more days. A full week after my initial payment.

Meanwhile, this has caused my rent to be late and part of it is my gas/lunch money for the rest of the week. Now I have to stay home from work and not eat lunch today because NTELOS' computer glitch telling me that a payment had not been processed when it actually did. I have to run around, make multiple calls to my bank, to NTelos, and to my landlord! ALSO, use vacation/sick/or personal time off at work because of their mistake.

NTelos feels that they have done their part with mailing a check to me in a few more days.

They really got me because we have to line and that's $700 in early termination fees!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

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After I sent an complaint email to ntelos, I was offered a credit on my account; a decent gesture on their part.

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