So we have the family plan 99 dollars for two lines with 30 dollars for additional 2 lines. We all got HTC Merges and mine stopped working maybe 9 months later.

So we take it to NTelos and the sales associate looked at it and said it has comsetic damage i.e scratches on the back. So I don't know if they are going to fix it. That told me right there they won't going to attempt to. He then asked me what was wrong with the phone and I told the associate that my phone would not power up and when it did my phone screen would be blue.

So he said okay and sent it in. I did recieve a replacement phone. After about 2 weeks I recieved a text message saying I can pick up my phone. So I went to the store and to my knowledge my phone was not fixed.

The reason for it not being fixed is that it did not have power which I clearly told the associate. This lets me know that they don't write repair statements. Not only did it not get fixed whom ever they sent it to destroyed my phone physically. My keyboard was missing letters and I had a big X on my screen so I couldn't send it the HTC even though I was still under warranty.

When I asked the sales associate what happened to it he said you must have caused the damage. This is our families 7th year with NTelos they ought to be ashamed of themselves for the way they treat people.

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Waynesboro, Virginia, United States #753278

NTELOS has nothing to do with the quality of phone you choose or how you upkeep it.


:p for the price Ntelos is good. and the ability to flash phones to the network is a plus because they dont carry the newest phones.

but I never have issues. People complain about the Data going in and out.

Most places I go have WiFi the rate of dropped calls is a little large but I will just call back. it is never a hugfe issue for ME

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