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I have an account with Ntelos wireless which includes 3 phones on a family plan. I've had the account since October of 2008. I've never had a problem with the actual phone service. Reception is good and everything. However, customer service is absolutely usesless and WILL LIE to get out of their resposibilities and obligations.

I went to make a payment of $128.77 using their automated payment system. At the end of the call, I did not receive my confirmation number, so the next day I called back to make sure the payment went through. The lady on the phone said that no payment had been recieved and there was not even one pending and she advised me to make the payment again, which I did.

So, I check my account the next day and found that 2 payments had come out. I immediately called to let them know of the situation and was told I should not have made 2 payments. When I explained to them that they told me to do it, I was told that their CSRs would never tell me that. I asked them if they recorded the conversations and she said, "no."

After that i tried to talk to a superviser, but she just shifted the blame to me and told me it would be 3-5 days to get a refund. A week later, still no refund, so I call back. The lady, Trisha (I remembered her name), Said that they needed a bank tatement to prove that both payments came out. I said, "you know you have both payments, that's why there's a 128.77 credit on my account!" She said they needed a paper trail and said it was my fault for post dating the payment! WHA!!?? There isn't even an option to post date anything on their *** automated payment service! I told her, "I didn't post date anything!" So, there's nothing they can do. They lie, and they have no interest in making their customers happy. You have to just put up with their ***.

I may not even wait for my contract to be up to loose these freaks!

Review about: Ntelos Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $128.

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Osgood, Indiana, United States #419860

your spelling SUX


use spell check. employs....lying


I dont think they are actually lieing.A wise man once said that "The truth often depends upon a certain point of view." ;-) It sounds more like they just are not properly trained to do thier jobs. Thus they are left guessing about what they should say or do. so it is easier for them to just get you off the phone and hope someone else answers when you call back.

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