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My husband and I have been with Ntelos since Aug of 2010. We were told that we could use an unlimited plan in our area since we would not need roaming because our sprint phones worked there...

wrong we racked up roaming charges. I called, they said our PRL needed to be updated and credited back the roaming charges. We went in to the store to have our PRL updated the updates didn't work on our phones so we switched phones, same problem and switched phones again, still on going problem. I called customer service to switch plans to include the roaming, was given the price for one phone not the family plan and was never told about additional blackberry fees.

Went into the store and spoke to a manager, she being very helpful emailed Ntelos to let them know what happened and requested an ongoing refund to off set the additional costs we were never told. She never received a response after several attempts. I finally got to speak to someone in customer loyalty in June 2011 because we were upgrading our phones, she issued the credit for all of the bills and then we were sent our new phones which were supposed to receive updates to their Operating system in a week which was essential to our using the phones. This update did not happen, we again spoke to the same lady in Customer loyalty, she wrote in our account to bill our account for two brand new samsung showcases and then do an immediate credit back for majority of the cost of the phones.

This credit was never done. Called customer loyalty and spoke to a man, he was not very friendly and told me they credited the phones back in June. I asked him how they credited back the phones before we got them. I tried to explain to him that the credits were for previous billing issues and he didn't want to listen to me, even though he admitted all of this was on my account notes, and told me I didn't know what I was talking about and that "NTELOS IS NO LONGER WILLING TO CREDIT BACK THE COST OF THE PHONES".

I have since called the initial woman in Customer Loyalty who set all of us this up and left her a message, almost a week later I have yet to have a response. I am so fed up with Ntelos, it is ridiculous. How can a company do business this way.

No wonder they are not BBB affiliated.

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To Kathie Titus: My name is Marta and I work in Customer Care at nTelos. We work diligently with every customer and potential customer to address all issues presented to us and offer the best plan at the best price to meet their individual needs.

We offer numerous plans to meet every customer's needs and many of our plans also include roaming. You may view our plan options online, contact anyone in Telesales or visit one of our retail store locations for additional information.

You may also email with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to help and strive to meet the needs of all of our customers.


Dont know why my pre ions message said I'm from Rochester, NY, but from Clarksburg, WV


So glad I came upon these comments. Was going to switch from AT&T to Ntelos.

Not now. Customer service is so important. A neighbor told me yesterday that her husband had Ntelos fr work and was always getting roaming charges.

Have to say never had this problem with AT&T. Would suggest to some folks on here to contact their state Attorney General for assistance for some of these issues.

Osgood, Indiana, United States #344861


My name is Ashley and I am a customer service representative with Ntelos. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I would be happy to review your account if you could please send us an email at with your account information.

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