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I called NTelos "NO" customer service because in error my account had been set up with an automatic payment from the bank that was $2 less than the monthly bill. (The payment amount was given to me by the agent who "set me up".) This led to a $10 LATE CHARGE on a $2 UNDERPAYMENT FOR 10 MONTHS.

I incurred $98 in late payments and my phone was disconnected. I called April 29th and was given no assistance on this matter. One rep Alyson in Cancellation flatly refused to transfer me back to customer service or to any of her superiors. A CS supervisor Elisabeth basically told me there was nothing that they could do.

Other companies would observe that it was a good faith error and would recognize how absurd it is to charge$10 per month on a $2 underage and they would offer some adjustment.


Review about: Ntelos Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $230.

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I've been hearing that Ntelos has the worst customer service and I just experienced it! I've been a customer for over 15 years.

Went in to the retail store to buy 2 iphones from Nadine and upgrade our plans and they would not waive the buy out fee as the contract on one of the phones has 2 more weeks on the contract. So I called "customer loyalty" - Dionne - and they would rather lose me as a customer than to bend a rule by 2 weeks. Really?

We also have an aircard and home phone service with them. As a business, I don't see how they'll prosper with this attitude.


Another case of poor service and even worse...poor customer service. This customer has been ran in circles trying to get one small issue resolved.....a device that works with their service.

The first response was to email a generic email account at NTelos (which I have noticed more than once in this forum - nothing like a personal touch of a generic email account)...this is not the proper path forward as this poor customer would have to recite the entire case that has been on-going for sometime. NTelos....get your act together otherwise be prepared for a class-action law suite down the road.


AFter calling several times, spending at least 2 hours, they replaced my wifes phone. Hopefully now things will be better.

I had to explain myself and after her going into the store and them sending her back out without a phone, i blew up on customer service. I went through 3 different people before I talked to the right one. I even heard this comment from customer loyalty, "why are you asking this from us at customer loyalty, what are we supposed to do about the phone?" I told her, i didnt ask for customer loyalty, i asked for someone to solve my problem and they transferred me to you. So i guess she got someone else on the phone, and then that person had to get a supervisor, and after that, I asked that they call me back at home and they did.

So they gave me a 50$ credit, had to open 2 trouble tickets, talked to at least 5 different people each time I called but In the end, the phone seems to be working ok. I will post the status later.


I would like to say that I too have been victim to this carrier. My wife which i had to really talk into this, first time with a smartphone, me coming from verizon wireless and her from us cellular.

Her phone to date is still dropping calls, and they state at customer service that they have to send the phone off for repair, which im not going to do. I have done everything that they have asked me to, I also asked if I could just get her another phone and pay the difference, in which they told me no. I just picked both phones up at the end of november, no deposit customer here, paid over 400 for the phones, havent gotten back rebates. I can tell you that the milestone X that I have compared to the incredible on verizon is very slow.

The data service that they have is also slow which im willing to deal with and the other things I really can overlook. this reminds me when I sold ntelos when they first started here in WV, quite a few years ago. the service was horrible. I watched them go through bankruptcy, then recover, only again for the service to suck.

I said that i would never have the phones, ever, well i changed my mind and at this point I wish that I would have stayed where i was. Now im paying over 140 a month, just under 3 months in and still they arent holding up there end, but im still paying the bill. IM going into the store in charleston tomorrow and either they are going to change out the wifes phone, or im going to put them both on the counter and say cancel them.

When they ask me for the termination fee, im going to tell them to come and get it. Im tired of these companies that advertise superior service only to *** people off.


Went over on data usage, didn't get a email or pop up at 80%. Only got partial credit.

Osgood, Indiana, United States #345762


My name is Marta, I am a Customer Care Rep at nTelos. I apologize that you had a difficult experience trying to downgrade your phone in the local store, but offers made by Customer Loyalty cannot be honored in store as they must go through Customer Loyalty directly.

If you would like assistance in resolving this issue, I will be happy to help. Please email


My experience with ntelos has been they suck as well! "Customer Loyalty Department" told me on the phone I could downgrade from spartphone service to basic phone service, as the manager at the local store refused to honor that offer.

Order our phones which were in stock, and then were told for the next 6 weeks they were out of stock. All the while still having to pay for smartphone service, because they wont let you downgrade until u buy basic phones from them.

Osgood, Indiana, United States #281537

I would like to personally help you with this. I am a Customer Care Representative for nTelos.

Can you please email me directly with your account number so I can see what I can do to better assist you with this? My email is Or if you'd prefer you can call in and ask for my extension it is 2034.

I would love to help you with this issue! Thank you!

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