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Salesman Joshua Ruiz at vcu patrick Henry, 12300 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, va 73606 sold my visiting grandson, Stephano Haverland, a ntelos contract, 9/25/10. Ask for cancelation of ntelos contract on 9/26/10.

Grandson is of age and has no job, does not live here in VA, I cannot and will not pay for this contract. Went to have contract canceled, Joshua tried to talk us out of it tried to get my grandson to keep contract. I told Joshua we would not, i was grandma and answer was no. He continued to try to talk my grandson into keeping the contract.

I asked him if he understood what the meaning of no was. We were told could not cancel contract on Sunday come back Monday, that if I Billie Saavedra, returned to the mall area he would call security on me. Informed us he had given my grandson the wrong contract papers when he brought the contract. What kind of garbage is this.

Wrong forms. failure to honor the words of the contract in returning to cancel the contact. I am subimitting this compliant and I will be contacting the corporate office and anyone else I need to at ntelos to report this kind of attitude and lack of commitment to the contract as stated by ntelos. THIS company is a rip off on people.

This is not all of the complaint but you only allow for so many words and I am over my limit so I will contact corporate. Billie Saavedra

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A contract should be easy to cancel in the first 30 days. Although a store can only refund hardware not the service.

Almost all contract problems are caused by people who DO NOT read the contract, that is usually becausem most customers don't want to take the time to have it explained.

Although I have never had a problem with a customer on a contract from my store. We do have alot of problems with prepay customers who do not put their phone on home only mode to avoid roaming charges.

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