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Oct 11, 2010
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Stop buying from nTelo unless you are prepare to pay for the surprises. If you are not aware of unintentional roaming charges such as losing the connection from nTelo tower and automatically switch over to other company towers, that's roaming, and you will end up paying for the surprises.

Customer Service Representatives are ruled and not friendly and they make you feel like ***. Putting up with the contract and there is two months left on the contract and they will not allow you to terminate the contract without the early termination fee of $175 even though there is only two months left. They wouldn't even pro-rate it for the remaining two months which is less than the $175.

If you ever tell them you are in a hardship, they will not give a *** about it either. They will transfer you from one department to another and tell you they do not handle that in their department. If you finally got a hold of someone; guess what? That person is trained to say "NO" to everything that you ask!

Do you want to do business with nTelo? *** No! That's right. Let's say it again. nTelo HELLNO nTelo HELLNO nTelo HELLNO.

I can't wait to see them go out of business.

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70 of 79 Ntelos Reviews

Feb 06, 2013 Forest, Virginia

Wow, if that's the attitude of a nTelos worker, we see now why you guys are such a horrible company. We were told that with our "Nationwide" plan there would be no roaming charges. However, that is NOT true. According to them (after it was too late for us to cancel) it was up to another company (whichever tower the signal was coming from) if it would charge us or not! There was absolutely NO way for us to know before hand if it would charge us for that phone call, text, or data use. nTelos was sneaky and dishonest. Now we are going to have to pay $175 per line to get out of the contract- I am going to pay it with a smile on my face & never look back as they go out of business for their horrible dealings with customers. Buh-bye.

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Jan 29, 2012

I'm not 100% familiar w/NTelos contracts however their nationwide seems to not have roaming built into it due to the comments I have read in this forum. I believe it's a combination of issues.....people not fully reading the contract and NTelos not pointing out this fact during the signing of the contract. Read the contract before signing people!

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ntelos worker

Jan 30, 2011

switch your phone to home only mode if you are preay dumass or get a contract that doesn't have roaming.

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